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      How many times have you spent your entire weekend keeping up with everyday Domestic Cleaning duties instead of relaxing or spending time with your family? House cleaning is not exactly most people's idea of fun, but it is nonetheless, a necessary part of having a home. Fortunately, the good people at Fine Cleaning London understand this, and that's why they are ready and waiting to tidy up your house, apartment, or office building at a price that won't leave you heartbroken.

  Originating in London, Fine Cleaning offers many services to suit individual needs. Services include regular domestic cleanings, one-off cleanings, for when your home is looking particularly grubby or you just need a good jump start on keeping it up. Office buildings and apartments are another one of our specialties, with end of tenancy cleaning being a touchy matter. When you use Fine Cleaning London, you know your new tenants won't be looking at stains from the previous ones. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is offered as well. There are some things in life that you want and need to know about, and those that are better off not thought about. Carpets, upholstery, and the particles of build-up underneath their surfaces are one of them. That's another reason why Fine Cleaning London is the only cleaning agency you'll need, and 24 hours is all they need to match you with the perfect housekeeper to suit your needs.

  Here at Fine Cleaning London, we pride ourselves on delivery the highest quality cleaning every time we visit your property. We hold our cleaners to high standards and insist on professionalism at all times, so there will never be an issue with so-so results. We also understand the need for privacy and what it can feel like to let strangers into your home. That's why we provide the same cleaner on a standing basis (whenever possible), and sickness will never be an excuse that services were not delivered. With no minimum contract required, we perform domestic and one-off cleanings at fair, hourly wages, and offer price per room cleanings or landlords and tenants.

  Stop spending all of your leisure time scrubbing the toilet or baseboards. Fine Cleaning London is a professional, courteous, and always happy to lend a hand when yours are tired! Call us today and see what's waiting to shine underneath the surface of your home
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  • Roseanna Lezon

    I am very satisfied with Maria. She is a fantastic home cleaner, is always punctual and reliable. You are fortunate to have her as your staff.

  • Laverne Boulier

    “It’s still a really excellent service from our regular home cleaner, she’s very consistent and gets to a very high standard of home cleaning every week.  Thank you again”

  • Randee Kroc

    “Your house cleaning operatives are generally ok. Usually i am happy. Management is extremely good and very responsive when i have made a comment. Your cleaning service in general is great.”

  • Lemuel Hansome

    “Our domestic cleaner at the moment is remarkable. Your Company in general is Very Good. I have recommended you to a lot of of my friends and colleagues. I think everything in the company is really good organised.”

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