End of tenancy cleaning

   from Fine Cleaning London

    At the end of a lease you often find that even the nicest of tenants have some of the worst cleaning habits. Cleaning deposits are great, but at the end of it all you have a choice to make on what to do next. The questions you often have to ask yourself are;
1. How much is your sweat equity worth? Many landlords, especially those who only own one or two properties, try to do all the cleaning themselves. What they fail to realize is that a single day spent cleaning is a day where they are not in business doing what they need to. If you only clean on the weekends, that’s potentially a whole week where you cannot show the property and might miss potential new tenants. Get it cleaned fast and fill the vacancy.
2. How much do you want to spend? If rent on your property is £2,000 monthly and it takes a week to clean so a new tenant can move in you have just lost £500. Suddenly hiring a service that is quick seems a lot cheaper.
3. Are you qualified? Truthfully, not everyone can clean correctly. On the surface of it all you would think cleaning looks easy- but no. If cleaning were easy your property would not be in such dire straits. You will be asking for a cleaning deposit from your next tenant, are you sure you’ve got everything in order? If not that could be embarrassing.
4. Leveraging your resources is important in all phases of business. What are you going to do with the chemicals and appliances you have to buy to clean that flat or house that has just been vacated? For a professional these essentials are more equitable as whatever is left over will simply be used on the next job. For you, this means storage and further out of pocket expense.
  Hiring a professional from Fine Cleaning London for your cleaning needs is a good idea in that none of these are factors once you pick up the phone. Your time is leverage in that all you have to do is inspect the property once they are done- leaving you the ability to do other things like grow your business or manage your property. The cost of getting around to preparing your property later is immense and who knows if you missed a tenant or two who could have moved in right away. Even pro-rated rent is better than waiting until the first of the month as some landlords and property managers are wont to do. And what’s more you have the guarantee of a professional- if something is off or not right, they have to come back and fix it. In the short term and long term establishing a relationship with a cleaning company that specializes in end of tenancy cleaning gives you piece of mind and will keep your rental business on track.