End of Tenancy Cleaning: What we should consider

Doing household chores during a regular day can be tedious and exhausting, and that is why no person would like them. As a result, there is a tendency that dirt can pile up, and there are certain areas of the apartment that you are not able to notice.

Such laziness or disinterest in doing household chores cannot be allowed or permitted on the day or during the days before you are about to move out from your place. Most landlords’ demand that the apartment is left without a spot of dirt in it – mess cleaned up and repairs done. However, if the above situation is considered, that would not be the case.  You will eventually find out that you have more work than you thought you are supposed to do. 


You might need a third-party agency to help you get out of these kinds of situations. Yes, you have the option of family and friends, but it is also true that they are not always available due to distance or work. That is why you always need to consider the first suggestion mentioned in this paragraph. 

Going On Inside the Bedroom with End of Tenancy Cleaning Agencies

One area that they are capable of cleaning without a problem is the bedroom, and sometimes, this is the place which people clean the least because it is their private place. It is one area where you can be yourself, thus, only a few people are allowed in; mostly, these are your closest friends who already know who you are. In this aspect, a female’s room may be misconceived as neat, but truth be told, they can be messy as guys in their own secretive way. 

When you call upon an end of tenancy cleaning agency they will be really thorough with your bedroom. Not only with the floors and the walls but also the windows, although the number of windows inside the bedroom is usually less because again, it is a private area. 

The wardrobe area and the cupboards are some of the messiest areas inside the bedroom Click To Tweet

The wardrobe area and the cupboards are some of the messiest areas inside the bedroom, and that is why it is one of the places of interest for cleaners. These usually have all the cobwebs and the dust stacked in them because if the bedroom does get cleaned, these two are the places which are cleaned the least. In fact, some of the messes are even pushed into these places.

Aside from these, the agents that will also clean your lampshades, pictures and their picture frames, skirting boards, and the door and its frame. Everything will be covered by the team that they will send. 

Cleaning Where You Keep Clean

You might be shocked by the kind of mess that end of tenancy cleaning can find in your bathroom. Aside from the traditional doors, windows, and toilet that are usually the aim of cleaners, your tiles will also have so much grime and dirt embedded in them than you can imagine. In fact, it may take a lot of agents and scrubbing to make it landlord spot free clean. 

In addition, the tiles may have also caught so much grime and soap suds thick enough that will give any landlord problems. That is why the benefits that these end of tenancy cleaning agencies are able to provide not only serve the tenants but also the landlords. 

The floors are as dirty as the walls when it comes to the bathroom because they can easily accumulate the same grime, soap suds, and dried water that are present on the walls. Germs from the slippers also add to the amount of disinfecting that need to be done. It might require a lot of scrubbing and a lot of effort and time, but once it is done it will be worth it, and you will be making your landlord smile and improve the chances of regaining your deposit. 

They also make sure that the exhaust fan is cleaned to maintain its top working condition. This is a welcoming gesture for the landlord because this assures him that he is going to be doing less maintenance with the apartment; also pay less for it. 

The benefits of the contract

End of tenant cleaning also includes mirrors, the taps, and the sink which are also prone to getting grime and soap suds stuck in them. In addition, they may even replace anything in need of a replacement for an added fee. This way, both parties – landlord and soon to be former tenant – will be assured that they will receive the benefits of the contract. The landlord will be able to get the apartment’s comfort room as brand new as possible while the tenant has increased his chances of getting his deposit back from the landlord. 


Keeping the Cool in the Kitchen

You should not let the heat of the kitchen get to you, which is usually the case when you still are the tenant of the apartment. Sometimes the heat can still get to you when you are already planning to leave, especially when you know that a certain amount of money is online the, in spite of how small it may be. 

The hardest part of cleaning the kitchen may be the heavy cooking equipment Click To Tweet

The hardest part of cleaning the kitchen may be the heavy cooking equipment that is common in this part of the apartment. These are necessary items that allow for any tenant to cook in the comfort of his own apartment, and sometimes it can be cheaper.

The kitchen, however, can be the messiest during one’s stay inside the apartment because it is where different ingredients are being mixed together. Another reason is that these same appliances are not moved around that much because of its weight. With its tiled floors at its bottom and the steel equipment, moisture will definitely build-up, and if the tiles are white, stains will definitely be present where it is located. 

Cleaners from end of tenancy agencies have all the needed equipment and chemicals which will help them in clearing out these stains thoroughly, making it look like it was never there. 

In addition, there is also the likelihood of damage in the areas that surrounds the appliances – beneath and behind it. That is why having people to inspect this area is an excellent chance to know which areas may repairs. 

 As an added service, there are some end-of-tenancy cleaning agencies that may offer these services, and you should grab it as soon as it was offered. They usually offer this as a package and only add only a small fee which will definitely be worthwhile even for your landlord. 

They also include the sink, especially when it is clogged, and that is why hiring these kinds of agencies is definitely worthwhile. 

Other than that, they go through the standard cleaning sequence done by any end of tenancy cleaning agencies – skirting boards, doors and its frames, and the floor on which it stands. Cobwebs are also being removed because they can be very annoying and can be a breeding ground for spiders which are pest that any person does not want anywhere near them. 

Eat in Peace and Cleanliness

It is true that you are about to move out of your current apartment, but that does not excuse you from cleaning the area for the next tenant to enjoy. Again, when it comes to apartments, the best asset that a landlord can present to a potential tenant is cleanliness. If they can see purity throughout, especially in places where food is involved, it is a sure deal. 

One focus that cleaners from any end of tenancy cleaning agency have in the dining area is the dining table for the most obvious reasons. For one, it may affect the amount of bacteria, viruses, and fungi which may have accumulated over the years of use – splashes of water, sauces or soups and foods which may have attracted various kinds of insects – which may have dangerous effects on the person, friends, or family who may follow living in the same apartment. 

In cases such as these, cleaners are very keen on making sure that the table will become spotless so it will look like no one else have used it previously. Of course, this only applies to dining tables which are owned by the landlord. Those who are owned by the tenant are to remain with the tenant, and he or she should bring it over to his new place. 

In addition, cleaners from end of tenancy cleaning are also to focus on the underside of the client’s dining tables. These are the places which are rarely cleaned because of their invisibility form a person’s line of sight. The accumulation of various substances under the dining table may serve as the breeding ground of different kinds of insects which everyone knows no one wants around the house. Sometimes, this even causes others to over-react, even when they do not touch you physically. At the end of the day, however, it is still a health concern that should be addressed. 

Walking through Clean Hallways

Cleanliness all around you especially when you walk out the door is very pleasing to the eye and to the one’s person, and that is why end of tenancy cleaning always make sure that they are also able to clean the hallways of the apartment. This assures that if you are about to leave the apartment for a new one, your landlord will be impressed with the kind of care that you have for overall cleanliness and maybe even make the misconception that you care for the building’s profitability, especially theirs. 

Of course, there might be truth behind it, but there is also the bit about being able to retrieve the deposit money which may help you start over in your new place if ever you do need it. 

The dirtiest part of the hallway might just be the floor because it is the place where most people pass through. It is where a lot of people step on with their shoes, which God knows where it came from. So, this might just be the most difficult disinfecting job that the cleaners from any end of tenancy cleaning are about to do. It is a very meticulous process, but it is the truth that no one else can deny. 

Aside from the thorough cleaning of the floors in the hallways, the cleaning technicians from the agency are also going to clean any pictures that you might have hung along the corridors of your apartment including its frames to make sure that these will always look good before you move out of your current place. This will at least help in easing the amount of work that needs to be done once you start settling down over at an apartment that you found to be better than the one you are currently in. 

Lampshades may also be present along the hallways to light your way during the night, and that is why cleaners do not skip on anything. Cobwebs are also removed from the ceilings where it usually settles to make sure no breeding of insects is going to be made. Cupboards and skirting boards are included as well.  

Advice for Tenants

At the end of it all, soon to be former tenants are not only looking to make a good impression upon their move to another place, but it also involves a need that stems down from the very first day that any tenant did – paid a deposit. With the approval from the landlord, any tenant is able to get their deposit when they leave the door of the building. Of course, it does not come without effort. 

Advice for Landlords

End of tenancy cleaning gives the landlord an opportunity to have something to base his decision on, although this is not the only basis, it is a factor that they will be considering. That is why you might want to go all out with your end of tenancy cleaning and consider hiring an end of tenancy cleaning services provided by different agencies from your locality. They might even throw in delivery service for free; there are some who does.

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