How to find the right cleaning agency for you in London

London is one of the cities where people are always busy and in a hurry. They like to move from one place to another. Many students are frequently seeking to change their accommodation for a better one. Moving from one property to the other, however, is not an easy task. It involves a lot of packing and cleaning. This is very time-consuming, especially if you have to do it alone.

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The London cleaners are gaining popularity every day as the busy schedules of people don’t allow them time to perform their cleaning duties at home. There are many cleaning agencies that Londoners can choose from when they are thinking of moving or hiring them for regular cleaning services. Yet, choosing the right one can turn out to be a daunting task. When you start the search for the best London cleaners for you, there are specific steps that you can follow to make your life easier.


Most professional companies will offer you a bespoke quote depending on your cleaning needs. Make sure you get several quotes that you can compare but don’t only compare prices, look at the services, as well. Sometimes the lowest price will not always be the best as the services you will receive will not be of the same quality. For example, if you want end of tenancy cleaning, you want the quote to include everything rather than only carpet and oven cleaning. Check the materials the agency is going to use and make sure they are eco-friendly and safe for your family. Make sure that the agency will offer you third party insurance and that they have insured their employees. The majority of the London cleaners are very professional and have all safety certificates and appropriate insurance.


Ask your friends and family for recommendations and rely on their input for certain cleaning agencies. Read customer reviews before you enter a contract with any agency. As they are an actual source of reliable information. Every competent and confident in their services agency will have a customer reviews page on their website so the future clients can see how many positive and happy customers the agency has.

The fine print

Once you get the quote, always make sure to read the fine print. There you will find any extras that you may have to pay on top – parking, handling of keys, and others. Most London cleaners ask the clients to pay for their parking if there is no free allocated parking in front of the property. Some agencies will charge you for handling your keys. This service is being offered to busy people who have no time to be in their homes for the cleaning team. Cancellations are usually allowed and are free up to 24 hours before the time of the booking. If you cancel a couple of hours before the cleaning team is set to arrive, you may have to pay half or in full for the reservation even though you are cancelling it (Read more about cancelling a service you’ve arranged). Always make sure how much it will cost you if you decide to find extra work for the team while they are present at your property. Proper planning will help you find the best London cleaners who will take that burden off your shoulders and will leave you free to do your other tasks.
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