How long does carpet take to dry after a professional cleaning?

The question of how long would it take for my carpet to dry after it has been cleaned is too relative, to be given a specific answer. But here we will try to do exactly that. Some things need to be considered when we ask “how long would it take for my carpet to dry?”

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If you have decided to call professionals to clean your carpet and you want to know how long after that you can step on it, you can always ask your cleaners. They should be able to give an approximate answer and it still depends on many other things. Like the size of your carpet. Logically, it would take longer for it to dry if it’s bigger. The fabric that it consists of. Some materials, like polyester, would dry faster, especially if it has the help of a blow-dry. According to the material of the carpet, the professional cleaners will decide on the cleaning technique. It is also of importance for the process of drying your carpet. The heat and humidity of your home play a role, of course!

So your question is “How long would it take for my carpet to dry after professional carpet cleaning?”

We already mentioned that there are different methods that professional cleaners use for carpet cleaning. One of which is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. In this case, the drying process can take anywhere between 6-12 hours. Or if the cleaners used dry-cleaning on your carpet it can take between 2-4 hours. Or you can leave it to dry on its own, which could be very risky, as it could take FOREVER.

There are some tricks you can use

Nevertheless, the situation is not hopeless. There are some tricks you can use to make that process shorter. Open the windows. If the weather allows it if it’s windy or hot, the breeze that will enter your home will help with the evaporation of moisture in your carpet and it will dry quicker. Also, if you ventilate the room, you will prevent the carpet from drying incompletely and developing a bad smell. Turn on the AC. If it’s raining outside, you can rely on your AC to help you with that task. Another thing that you can use is a fan. The downside is that, if your fan isn’t one that turns around by itself, you will have to position it at different corners of your carpet every once in a while. Still, it isn’t such a hard thing to do. The best solution to drying your carpet as fast as possible after you have it cleaned is to get a professional blow-dry. It would cost you a little extra, but it will save you a lot of time.

When can I put my furniture back after a professional carpet cleaning?

So, if another question is “When can I put my furniture back after a professional carpet cleaning?”, you will have to consider everything that we mentioned above. You can use some of those tips on shortening the drying process and put your furniture back right after. Our best bet is blow-drying!
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