End of Tenancy Cleaning. How to do it right?

When you are at that point in your life where you have to move out of the place you live in, a situation shows up at your door, and you have to take care of it. And that is the end of tenancy cleaning.

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Due to the stressed and fast life we live, most of us don’t have the time to scrub the bathroom tiles or the oven, the sink, wash the windows, move the furniture and clean behind and under it. Some people never do that, because they don’t even think they should. And this is something essential because most landlords require a thorough end of tenancy cleaning. Like you’ve never also been there. As a result, dirt keeps building up and then we need professionals to come and save the day. We can always try to do it on our own, but undoubtedly, we will fail.That’s okay, because most cleaning agencies out there, don’t charge as much as people imagine. Plus, you can tell them what it is that you need and you will be charged based on it. So, you get what you pay for. More good news is that a big part of them have a 100% guarantee, meaning that if they didn’t do something the way you wanted, they will gladly come back, and do it for free! This isn’t a tough call, especially if you think about getting your deposit back.

Let’s start with the kitchen!

So many things to do there! You can always find something more to clean. Those greasy places like an oven or around it, where you can see oil splashes all over. Or the sink, drain, and dishes? How about your fridge and every other kitchen appliance there is? It doesn’t sound like something hard to do! Sure, wiping the countertops doesn’t require a lot of work, but how about scrubbing the washing machine, with its tumble dryer, soap drawers and the rubber on its door. Of course, if you were being paid to do it, you will in the perfect way you can. Otherwise, you can save yourself some time and a lot of frustration scrubbing those stubborn stains. Cleaning agencies have another priority – they bring their artillery – professional cleaning products and machines. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your carpet, or the walls and doors. Dining room? No problem, there won’t be a single bread crumb attracting insects!

Moving on to the bathroom – the unexpected horror!

Usually, when thinking about cleaning the bathroom, we aim at the tiles, the toilet, and the sink. You will, most likely, be shocked by what the end-of-tenancy cleaners will find in your bathroom because you never expected such a mess in there. After all, it’s just water there, right, it shouldn’t be that dirty! Believe it or not, the tiles are probably a completely different colour from what you’ve seen. They might have so much grime build upon them that just scrubbing won’t take it off. And this goes for both the walls and the floors. The drains? YUK! Have absolutely no worries. The professional cleaners will make them look as new. The bathroom will be disinfected to the next level, and your landlord will be the happiest person on Earth! After removing all of the grime and soap suds from every surface, there’s no reason for not getting your deposit back.

Letting the cleaners into your bedroom

That’s a person’s most private space, and indeed it can be very, very dirty without any suspicion of it being so. How often do you steam clean the mattress or wipe the wood material the wardrobe is made of or inside of it, where you’ve hidden another mess in a mess? The end of tenancy cleaners will be extensive with this room. They will remove the cobwebs, wipe the windows, doors and their frames, the walls, the mirrors, well, everything! Especially the dust that has been piling up on the shelves. Hallways, vestibules, terraces, stairways. They will cover all of it! The area of the house, before the off-limits zone for shoes, is a top priority. After all, you don’t know what you step into outside. Every object that is present along the hallway will be cleaned because the end of tenancy cleaners do not miss a spot!

Stepping through the door

After the cleaners are done with the place, it will look as if nobody ever lived there, and you haven’t even lifted a finger to clean. That would definitely guarantee to get your deposit back! Because – the happy landlord – happy tenants!
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