How to dry carpet after professional deep cleaning

If you have just cleaned your carpet or you had a professional agency do it for you, and you can’t wait for it to dry out, there are some things you can do. Of course, if you have a wet vacuum at your disposal, it will do the job. Otherwise, you can get creative, open the windows, turn on the AC, or put the fans in motion.

If you washed your carpet yourself, you can’t wait for it to dry on its own, because it will take days, for sure. And that is a dangerous decision as we know that there’s a possibility to let fungi and mold grow into wet or damp fibers of the carpet. If it’s winter, you can’t hang it somewhere and let it air-dry.

So the best you can do is try to get out as much excess water you possibly can. If you own a fan you can position it next to the carpet so that the air-flow can help with the moisture. The bigger – the better! If not, turn on your AC, it will do the same thing, only a little slower, as what it usually does is to dry out the air.

If it isn’t too cold, you can open your windows on both sides of the room or a door. Allowing more air to come into the room will eliminate more moisture. But if you want to dry your carpet as soon as possible, then you need a wet vacuum. It will extract the moisture that is settled into the innermost layer of your carpet. You can use it, regardless of how you clean your carpet. Be it a deep cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning. If you did it yourself or you hired professionals to do it.

Let a cleaning agency clean your carpet

Had you decided to let a cleaning agency clean your carpet, surely they will have ways of drying it faster. Or at least extracting as much water as possible. They will have that kind of wet vacuum, only better, because it would be an industrial one. You can always ask them for tips on how to dry the carpet faster and they will give you advice based on the cleaning technique they used on it. If you had it dry-cleaned, you won’t need any help, simply place a fan next to it. The drying process after using this technique doesn’t take more than 4 hours, without any outside help.

Steam cleaning of your carpet, on the other hand, will cause it to dry for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours. It all depends on the size and material of your carpet. The best thing you can do provided you don’t own a wet vacuum or you don’t want to spend more money for professionals to dry it and the local weather allows it, is to create an open space for air-flow. Open windows, doors, turn on fans. As we already said, more airless moisture.

image how long does carpet take to dry after professional cleaning

How long would it take for my carpet to dry after professional carpet cleaning?

We already mentioned that there are different methods that professional cleaners use for carpet cleaning. One of which is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. In this case, the drying process can take anywhere between 6-12 hours. Or if the cleaners used dry-cleaning on your carpet it can take between 2-4 hours. Or you can leave it to dry on its own, which could be very risky, as it could take FOREVER.

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