Proper Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is a task that has to be performed with precision to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and unpleasant odour. They have to be cleaned at least once a year; however, the more often you disinfect them, the better environment you will provide for your family and pets. Some carpet manufacturers would demand that you clean your carpets once a year so that you can use your warranty. It is advisable to apply a protectant after every clean to keep it in top condition.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is always a good decision as they will do it all for you. Usually, every cleaning agency will have a step by step process to make sure that each cleaning task is done right.

Pre-Cleaning Examination

The examination that takes place before every clean involves a conversation with the property owner to establish if there are any specific requirements that they have, considering the cleaning. The carpet is then checked for stains, shoe marks and level of soiling. The cleaning price depends on its condition and how long would it take to get it thoroughly cleaned.


Before the carpet can be cleaned, it has to be hoovered, so that any loose dirt and soil falls out and then, treated with chemicals. Some agencies offer a discount on the price if the owner vacuums the carpet beforehand. This is good to know so you can save some money. When talking about saving money, why not tackle the carpet yourself?


Before the actual clean, the carpet needs to be treated with a pre-condition solution, you can use a mild detergent and leave it to work for 20-30 minutes, which will dissolve any stains and dirt before the cleaning commences. This is done to remove any marks and unpleasant odours that may have set deep in the fibres.


After the preparation of the carpet, it is time to apply the cleaning chemicals and get rid of those stubborn stains, once and well, at least for another year or so. Try using eco-friendly and biodegradable products, so you don’t compromise the health of your family members, pets and let’s not forget about nature. It’s time to put some scrubbing in action. Leave all cleaning products to work their magic for 10-15 minutes and then you can wash away the cleaning solutions.To remove the cleaning products from your carpet, you will need a good quality hoover that is designed especially for deep carpet cleaning. Don’t worry if you don’t have one handy – you can hire one at a low price. This professional hoover will remove the cleaning solutions and will rinse and dry it as much as possible. Usually, after such a deep clean, you shouldn’t walk on the carpet for approximately 30-40 minutes. Once that is done, double-check it for any left stains or dirty patches. Remember that some are more stubborn than others, so a final check is in order.

Final touches

Once you make sure that your carpet is spotless, it is time to fluff it. This you can do with a special rake for brushing that lifts the fibres, thus making it look brand new. Once that is done, a protective layer of chemical is sprayed all over to keep it that way, as long as possible. If you haven’t rented a particular industrial fan, you can let it air dry, without stepping on it for at least 30 minutes to an hour.This task can be very time-consuming, and unfortunately, you can’t throw it in the bathroom and spray it with water, or put it in the washing machine. So, unless you can afford to rent special equipment for the job, or you have a wide-open space where you can splash water, as much as you want, you can always turn to professional cleaners. It’s not very expensive, it saves you time, and you will be more than happy with your fresh-smelling, clean carpet!We all know that if we take care of our possessions, they will last longer!
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