Professional Mattress Cleaning Service London

Do you know how much bacteria and even mould sometimes build up in your mattress? If your mattress isn’t brand new, then you have probably forgotten its bright colour. One neglected and shabby mattress is often a home for dust mites, bed bugs and other kinds of microorganisms, which are not healthy for us. Not to mention the enormous amount of skin cells that shed overnight and become a home for those contaminants.

There’s no need for further convincing because everybody knows to keep their house clean, but we often forget some of the most important things. If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in a long time and you take a piece of the inner layers, put it under a microscope, you will be able to see you tiny, unwanted roommates. We, at Fine Cleaning London, understand the importance of keeping clean bedding. Including everything, there is on a bed.

Team of Well-trained Cleaning Experts

We propose a solution for you. With our team of well-trained experts, we can ensure to get rid of everything unwanted on your mattress. And without a doubt, we will guarantee the hygiene and cleanliness of the most comfortable place in your home.
I am very fussy when it comes to the cleaning of my home. I don’t let anybody clean but me. However, during the Christmas period, I was very busy and I used Fine Cleaning. I have to say that I loved the cleaning they performed. My home has never been so clean. I will surely use them again!
We use the best equipment on the market and eco-friendly cleaning products so that you can rest assured that your mattress is safely and spotlessly clean. And if there’s anything you didn’t like about it, we will come back and clean it again, because we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are also fully insured, so no need to worry in case of an accident!Let us save you from an invisible enemy residing in your home, and erase like with magic those spots and stains from your mattress. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Mattress Cleaning

ServicePrice (from)
Single Mattress£17.50
Double Mattress£22.50
Prices for Professional Mattress Cleaning in London

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. It will take you no longer than a minute, and it is as easy as a kid’s game!
It is as easy as that! So, don’t delay and call us to the action! Our cleaners will transform your home into a clean and healthy place.​

Mattress Cleaning FAQ's

How often should I clean my mattress?

We recommend that you have your mattresses cleaned at least twice a year. That way you will be ensured no microorganisms are breeding into it.

Will the quality of my life become better after cleaning my mattress?

Indeed, the quality of your sleep and the quality of the environment will become higher, and thus inevitably your life will become better. Studies show that a lot of dust gathers in your mattress, so having it cleaned will make allergies a little easier to take.

Are your cleaning products safe for my family and me?

Absolutely! We use only non-toxic materials, approved by the government and recognized as eco-friendly.

Do I need to be present while you are in my home?

No. You only need to make sure to let the cleaners in once they have arrived. We don’t require you being there while they clean, but you will have to be home at the end to make an inspection and see if you’re satisfied.

What if there’s an accident, someone steals or breaks something?

Our cleaners are trustworthy professionals; they have a comprehensive police check done. They are also fully insured, so in the case of an accident or damage, our agency will compensate you or have repairs done if possible.

Are you able to remove stains?

We provide deep cleaning of the mattress, and we always tackle all the spots and stains. However, we can’t guarantee that all of the stains will come out, as that depends on the time it’s been there and what caused it.

How long will it take for the mattress to dry, and when will I be able to sleep on it?

It depends on the heat in the room, the size and thickness of the mattress itself, but it usually takes 10-14 hours as we extract most of the moisture. You should start using it after it has dried completely.

Would I save money if I have my mattress cleaned?

Indeed, not only that our services are inexpensive, but the life of your mattress will be longer, so you won’t have to buy new ones.

How long does the cleaning take?

It takes approximately an hour to clean both sides of the mattress.

Are you available during the weekends?

Yes, we work seven days a week.