House Deep Cleaning London

Deep cleaning somewhat resembles the end of tenancy cleaning. Because what both services do is to declutter and clean your entire house. This is important because that way you will get rid of the dirt, bacteria, grease, and germs in your house. Everybody likes a clean and tidy home, but not everybody has the time to do it themselves. That’s where we come along offering our professional help.

The deep cleaning service we provide for our clients includes cleaning of every room. We reach every inaccessible place which most people don’t even look at. Due to those places not being regularly clean, there can be a lot of dust build-up and dead insects. We will check and clean under your furniture, under the carpets and over wardrobes and shelves. We will wipe all of your mirrors, windows, and frames. We will wipe away all the dust from every surface.
I am very fussy when it comes to the cleaning of my home. I don’t let anybody clean but me. However, during the Christmas period, I was very busy and I used Fine Cleaning. I have to say that I loved the cleaning they performed. My home has never been so clean. I will surely use them again!
We will focus on some very important areas in your house and we won’t forget about every corner in it. The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms that accumulate most dirt from anywhere else. We will completely disinfect everything in those two places. The products that we use are eco-friendly but also so effective, that there won’t be one germ left alive. Nobody wants them in their home, near their children and pets. We will make your oven look like brand new, removing all spots and greasy residues. Inside out! When we say deep, we mean DEEP cleaning! Nothing will be left out!Trust the professionals and call us today for a free quote! We guarantee your satisfaction at 100%!

Deep Cleaning

Domestic CleaningPrice per hour
One-off cleanfrom £13/h
Repeat cleanfrom £13/h
Regular cleaning + oven cleaning (single oven)£86
Regular cleaning + Carpet cleaning (cleaning of 2 carpets)£82
Prices for Professional Domestic Cleaning in London

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. It will take you no longer than a minute, and it is as easy as a kid’s game!
It is as easy as that! So, don’t delay and call us to the action! Our cleaners will transform your home into a clean and healthy place.​

Deep Cleaning FAQ's

What is deep cleaning?

It is a very thorough, deep cleaning and disinfection in your entire home, mostly in the areas that people usually leave out when cleaning. It is concentrated on those places because there often is a lot of build-up of dust and dirt.

Why do I need a deep cleaning?

Our environment is dirty overall, and a big part of that dirt enters our homes. We have to take responsibility for our health and of those around us and make sure we do everything we can to provide them with one healthy lifestyle. Deep cleaning your property, occasionally, is one way to make that happen.

How often should I deep clean?

Our advice is to do that every three months so that you can make sure you don’t allow bacteria, dust, and germs to spread in your home.

How long does a deep cleaning take?

That depends on the size of your house, how many rooms there are to clean, and what are your requirements. Usually, it takes around 5-7 hours. You can call our customer support service on the number provided to find out the exact amount of time it would take.

Do you operate anywhere in London?

We cover the entire area of London; you can look at our “Areas” page if you don’t see your area listed, call us on the number provided.

What if I only want particular things cleaned?

We strive to deliver full customer satisfaction; your wishes are our guidelines! You can call us, and we will provide you with a bespoke quote, and we will clean exactly what you want.

Am I required to be at home while you clean?

We only need you to let our cleaners in and then inspect your property at the end of the cleaning.

What if I have complaints about the work?

If at the time of the inspection there’s anything you aren’t satisfied with, you can call us, and we will arrange a new, free of charge cleaning.

What if your cleaners damage something in my home?

Their full insurance will cover any damage. We will either fix it or compensate you.

Do you issue certificates?

Yes, we do. At the end of the cleaning, if everything is just the way you want it, we will issue a cleanliness certificate.

How can I trust the people you send to me?

Our employees are trustworthy, and we are sure of that because all of them have comprehensive police checks done.