Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London

The end of tenancy cleaning is the most important part of the end of a contract between a landlord and a tenant. Whichever you might be you need to focus your attention on that cleaning. Because a landlord would want their property left without a trace from the previous inhabitants, and a tenant would want their full safety deposit back.

We, at Fine Cleaning London, aim at delivering the desired results to both parties. Whether you’re looking to find new tenants for your rental and keep your business going, or you are planning on moving out, and you need that money you gave as a safety deposit – we got you! We are proud and confident to say that we succeed in making our customers happy! That is why seeking our professional help will ensure that you get a solution to your situation.What tenants like the least when moving out is the cleaning. It takes over their time, and their performance endangers the return of their deposit. But it is mandatory, as they signed under it accepting the responsibility of leaving the property spotless. On the other side, the landlords don’t love a neglected home, and that gives them the right to penalize tenants with their deposit.

Qualified, Knowledgeable and Extremely professional cleaners

We want to help you avoid all of that more than anything. When we conduct end of tenancy cleaning, we guarantee the quality of our services. The check-list we follow and is assisting us gives us the confidence that we won’t miss anything. And even if we do, because of our 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction, we will come back and clean again! For free! Not only that but we will also issue a certificate for cleanliness, for you to show to your landlord. Or if you are a landlord, you can show it to your potential tenants, to ensure them that they are entering one clean, disinfected environment.
I am very fussy when it comes to the cleaning of my home. I don’t let anybody clean but me. However, during the Christmas period, I was very busy and I used Fine Cleaning. I have to say that I loved the cleaning they performed. My home has never been so clean. I will surely use them again!

Our cleaners are qualified professionals.

They are fully insured, and they have a CRB police check done. This means your property is in the safest hands. In the unlikely event of an accident or damage, we have it covered – because we are the best!What we are after is perfection and the happiness of our clients, and it can’t get better than that! Call us today for a free quote and let us take that heavy task off your hands. We promise that you will have nothing to be sorry about!

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Property TypePrice (from) £incl. Carpet
One Bedroom£125£140
Two Bedroom£155£185
Three Bedroom£195£240
Four Bedroom £280£360
Prices for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. It will take you no longer than a minute, and it is as easy as a kid’s game!
It is as easy as that! So, don’t delay and call us to the action! Our cleaners will transform your home into a clean and healthy place.​

End of Tenancy Cleaning FAQ's

What should be done to prepare the property for professional end of tenancy cleaning?

Preparation is plain simple. All you have to do is make sure that none of your belongings are within the vicinity and all the appliances are switched off. Also, you need to make sure that there are water and electricity. Everything else will be done by our professionals.

Where should I be when you start cleaning the property?

It is your choice. You may stay out and stroll somewhere else, but we have no problems if you want to stay in. The only time that you need to be there at the beginning to make sure that someone lets our cleaners in; however, if you have a porter, then you may not be there to start. On the other hand, you are required to be there when our cleaners finish the job so that you can evaluate the work that was done and also to pay.

Are ovens included in your coverage?

Yes, they are. We clean all the appliances thoroughly as part of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

Will the outside part of the windows be cleaned as well?

We can ascertain the inside part of the windows is going to be cleaned. It is part of the services that we provide. However, if you wish that the outside face of the windows is to be cleaned, we are willing for a small fee. Of course, only if it is feasible.

Is it necessary to defrost the refrigerator and the freezer before you start working?

It is not necessary, but it will be highly appreciated. It makes the cleaning and deodorizing process faster if it was defrosted before we arrive to start the cleaning process.

Do your cleaners speak English?

We do make sure that they can so that it would be convenient for our clients. Therefore, you can give them any special instructions which you may have forgotten to tell us before you hired us. On the off chance that you have any special requests for the nationality of the cleaner, you may inform our office ahead of time.

Is there any proof or reassurance that you are going to clean my property according to standards?

We have been proven and tested, and our services are guaranteed. If there are instances in which a certain area was not covered or you are not satisfied, you can call our office within 48 hours after the service was provided. Our cleaners will be at your doorstep ready to clean, free of charge.