If you are planning an event and you require cleaning services before, during and after the event, then you are at the right place. Fine Cleaning London is a cleaning agency offering domestic and commercial event cleaning. We know that the first impression of your guests is of great importance, and that is why we will clean your event venue to perfection. We also know that an event with a lot of people can create quite a mess, but you shouldn’t stress over that as we can help.

Excellent event cleaning services

We are proud to say that our team can deliver excellent services for your event – from pre-event cleaning including vacuuming, mopping floors and cleaning of all amenities to during and after its end. We can provide a team for your event to make sure that all guests simply enjoy themselves in a spotless venue. We will ensure that litter is picked, toilets are clean, bins are emptied, and so on. Guaranteeing the cleanliness at the event is of the highest standard.
I am very fussy when it comes to the cleaning of my home. I don’t let anybody clean but me. However, during the Christmas period, I was very busy and I used Fine Cleaning. I have to say that I loved the cleaning they performed. My home has never been so clean. I will surely use them again!
After the event, our team of cleaners will make sure that every area of your premises is vacuumed and any dirty spots are removed. All litter and rubbish will be taken away, and bins will be emptied and lined with new bags. We are 100% guaranteed so you can be sure that you will receive the best cleaning services at great prices. If you want a price for your event cleaning, you can contact us and request your bespoke quote. It will be tailored according to the size of the premises the event is hosted at. Call us today for a cleaner tomorrow!

Event Cleaning

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. It will take you no longer than a minute, and it is as easy as a kid’s game!
It is as easy as that! So, don’t delay and call us to the action! Our cleaners will transform your home into a clean and healthy place.​

Event Cleaning FAQ's

Do you clean before the event takes place?

Yes, we do clean before, during and after your event, so that you don’t worry about having dirt and garbage while you still host your guests.

What would it cost me to hire you for cleaning before, during and after my event?

You can take a look at our prices at the “Price” page, or you can call on the number provided so that we can give you a personalized quote, which will depend on the size of the property that has to be cleaned for your event.

Do you guarantee that you will keep the property clean during my event?

Yes, we can guarantee. Our cleaners are professionals, and they will be taking care to clear away all the trash, including clearing of the garbage bins.

Are your employees insured?

Yes, we fully insure our employees, and they undergo a comprehensive police check before being hired.

What if you break something during my event?

As our cleaners are fully insured, we will cover any damage or accident during the clean.

If I have set a dress code for the guests of my event, will your cleaners have a professional look?

Yes, of course! We always follow our grooming standard. If there is anything specific you would like to propose, we will gladly organize a meeting with you to reach an agreement.