Cleaning Questions

Why should I choose you and not another cleaning company?

The number of competitors in the London area is constantly growing, but thus the difference in the quality we offer compared to them is just becoming more and more obvious. We do not clean for the immediate result only, but we improve the condition of your house, making ever other cleaning quicker and easier to perform. That is why all our customers are super satisfied. And that is why you can always rely on us!

Do I need to be at home while the cleaning process takes place?
No, you don’t have to be present whilst we clean your property. The majority of our clients prefer to be out whilst the cleaning process takes place.
What is your complaints procedure?
In the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with our service, you can contact us at any time of the day, seven days a week and we will immediately address any of your concerns. If necessary, our cleaning team will return to your property and clean it again until you are delighted.
How much will it cost me to use your services?
We have a full price list on our website so you can get an idea of our prices. We also understand that not all properties are the same, and every customer has different requirements. That is why we will make an individual quote for your property once you give us a call and give us detailed information about the size of the property, number of rooms, what needs to be cleaned, etc. Our prices are super competitive, and we also provide you with a next day appointment if requested.
Are your cleaning services insured?
Our company and our cleaners are fully insured, thus giving you the peace of mind that you can rely on us.
How many people will be cleaning my house?
A group of our professional cleaners will be undertaking the cleaning of your property. The teams are licensed, insured and friendly.
Do you provide all the cleaning equipment and products?
Yes, we do provide all of the equipment and products. Our products are safe and environment-friendly, thus leaving only fresh air behind. In case you have a specific product that you want us to use, please give us a call in advance and discuss the matter with our manager.
I have pets! What arrangements would I need to do prior to your team arriving?
We are aware that pets are a part of the family and are very treasured. However, we also understand that strangers can sometimes cause anxiety in them. That is why for their safety and well-being, we would kindly ask you to keep them in a place where they would feel secure and happy.
Will you always send the same people to me?
We would like to hear that you are happy with the team we send you and we would do everything possible to keep sending the same people. However, due to various circumstances like illnesses, holidays, etc. we cannot always guarantee that.
What if you break something during the cleaning process?
We treat your home with a lot of care as if it was our own. In the unlikely event, a breakage occurs, we will leave a note for you asking you to contact the office at your earliest convenience. We would do everything possible to repair or replace the item. Our company is fully insured so you should not worry about anything.
What makes you different from the other cleaning companies out there?
The Fine Cleaning London team is a team with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Everything we do, we do precisely and put all our efforts and energy to achieve the best results. We know how important your property is for you, and that is why we go that extra mile to ensure you are happy. Our team is skilled, professional and friendly. We only use premium cleaning equipment and products.  Quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priorities.
I live in a remote area in London. How to find out if you cover my area?
We cover 35 areas in London, which can be found under the "Areas we cover" section. If you don’t see your area in the list, give us a call.
Do I have to pay in advance?
We usually require our customers to pay in advance when they book our cleaning services. You can cancel the booking up to 24 hours before it commences and you will be fully refunded. In some cases we may allow cash payments on the day, so give us a call if you require paying cash.
Do you have any hidden charges I should know about?
All our quotes are inclusive of everything so you should not worry. We can only charge extra if there is no free parking in front of your property. Please let us know when you ring us if we need to pay for parking so we can amend our quote.
I have recently moved into a new home and I found out that the carpet is disgusting. Do you think you can clean it as I can’t afford a new one at the moment?
Yes, we can! We specialize in professional carpet cleaning and our cleaning materials and equipment can remove stains from tea, coffee, wine, candle wax, raw eggs, chocolate, mud, ice cream, shoe marks, etc. However, depending on the age of the stains, some may not come out even when treated with the best equipment. We will do our best to get excellent results when cleaning an old and badly stained carpet.
Do I need to move the furniture for the carpet cleaning?
It is advisable for the best possible results to have all furniture removed. We can move light tables and chairs and couches but we will not move old and heavy wardrobes.
How long will I have to wait before I can step on the carpet again?
It can take up to two hours before you can walk on the carpet again, but we will provide you with overshoes so you don’t have to wait that long.
What happens if your cleaners damage some of my property and belongings whilst they clean?
Our cleaners take extra care when they are handling your property and belongings. If any damage occurs during the cleaning process, we will compensate you.
What happens if I don’t like the standard of cleaning?
If for any reason you have complaints about the standard of cleaning, our team will come back and clean your home once again free of charge.