Office and Commercial Cleaning in London

Our office and commercial cleaning services are best suited for business establishments. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small, family-run business, this is the appropriate service for you. We know that your business needs to be represented in the best way, and that is why we are confident that we can deliver the cleanliness required for you.

Here is what our Office Cleaning Service includes:


The critical area for any business and the area that gives the first impression to your clients is the reception. Our cleaners will vacuum and mop the floors, wipe down the seating area and the main desk and will clean doors and remove cobwebs and handprints from them. If there are any windows in the reception area, we will clean them as well.

Telephone and IT equipment

Our cleaners are very skilled specialists who use the appropriate cleaning products to keep your IT equipment and phones germ-free at all times. We also advise our clients on regular maintenance with antibacterial cleaning solutions to keep the cleanliness for longer.

Toilets and bathrooms

Keeping these areas in top condition is of extreme importance for the health of your employees and clients. Our cleaners will clean the bathroom floors, toilets, basins and taps and will wipe down the mirrors, doors and door handles with sanitizing cleaning products. They will also give you tips on how to keep the cleanliness in your office on day to day basis.
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General cleaning

All other areas of your office and furniture that don’t fall under the above categories will be cleaned too. All bins will be emptied, and all office furniture will be wiped down. The products we use are eco-friendly, and they are also safe for people’s health. Give us a call to get your very own personalized quote.

Office Cleaning

ServicePrice per hour
One-off cleanfrom £15/h
Prices for Professional Office Cleaning in London

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. It will take you no longer than a minute, and it is as easy as a kid’s game!
It is as easy as that! So, don’t delay and call us to the action! Our cleaners will transform your home into a clean and healthy place.​

Office Cleaning FAQ's

Are you able to clean an entire business building?

Yes, we are trained to clean wide spaces, staircases, conference rooms, offices, etc.

How often do you clean one office building?

That depends on the demand for our services. We can clean every day if it’s needed.

Does it have to be during business hours for you to clean?

No, we can also provide that service after business hours.

Do you work on the weekends?

Yes, our agency is open seven days a week.

Do you clean after office events?

Yes, you can call us in advance, so we can prepare and meet all of your needs.

How do I pay you?

We accept credit cards, cash, and checks.

Are your employees insured?

Yes, we fully insure all of our workers, in case of an accident or damage our agency will cover all expenses.

Can I receive a discount if I work with you regularly?

Yes, we can give you a special offer in a long-term working relationship.

How can I be sure that your workers cleaned at all if I’m not there to supervise them?

Our cleaners follow a check-list from which you can see what’s been tackled. If our cleaners haven’t checked everything, they will pay more attention to those areas on the next visit.

Can you guarantee the services you provide?

Yes, we can, and we do! We strive for absolutely happy customers, so if you’re unhappy with something, let us know, and we will clean again for you! For free!

What cleaning products do you use and are they harmful?

The products we use are 100% environmentally-friendly and uncompromising cleaning force.