Steam Cleaning – Upholstery, Mattress, Curtains, Sofa

Steam cleaning is the perfect way of refreshing the appearance of your upholsteries, mattresses, curtains, and sofas. Dirt, dust and unpleasant smells are easily removed with the help of steam. Most of our clients prefer steam cleaning before cleaning with chemicals as there is no danger of any toxins.

Here is what is included in our steam cleaning services:

Upholstery steam cleaning

Our upholstery steam cleaning includes pre-treatment of the furniture to dissolve any stains and dirt marks. After our cleaning solution has worked its magic we use our steam machines to remove any dust and leftover dirt. This inevitably freshens the appearance and the smell of the upholstery. The high temperature of the vapor kills any microorganisms, that may live in the soft fabric. We finish the procedure off by drying the upholstery. All our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. But they are the number one enemy of bacteria.


Mattresses can turn out to be difficult to clean without proper equipment and cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning of your mattress, however, is of extreme importance. Bacteria easily builds-up in the fabrics thus causing allergies and skin irritations. Many people don’t think about the cleanliness of the mattress as they believe that the mattress protectors are doing that job. Even though they can prevent the majority of dirt, dust and pet hairs from building up, they cannot protect your mattress 100%. Fine Cleaning London can get rid of all that build up and refresh your mattress so that nothing will be able to compromise your health.


Your curtains can collect a lot of dust daily thus they have to be regularly cleaned. We can provide the right solution for any curtain size. From small petit window curtains to big heavy drapery curtains. You don’t have to bring them to us as our professional equipment is designed to carry out the cleaning procedure right at your home. Our experienced cleaners will test the fabrics and will inform you about the right cleaning solution. Some fabrics are more suitable for dry cleaning whilst others benefit a lot better from steam cleaning. Once the most suitable cleaning method is established, our cleaners will select the right cleaning products for your curtains and their colour. Our professional cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and non-toxic thus not only preserving the fabric but the client’s health as well. Stains are treated carefully and then extracted with our special equipment. Once all stains and dirt are removed, the final step is to leave the curtains clean and fresh by deodorizing them.
I am very fussy when it comes to the cleaning of my home. I don’t let anybody clean but me. However, during the Christmas period, I was very busy and I used Fine Cleaning. I have to say that I loved the cleaning they performed. My home has never been so clean. I will surely use them again!


If you want to save the life of your sofa, you have to clean it regularly and don’t allow the build-up of dust, dirt, and stains. Our professional service will provide you with the most modern cleaning methods and will make your sofa appear brand new again. We will test the fabric, choose the right chemicals and will clean it to perfection. In the end, we will ask for your approval because customer satisfaction is our number one priority!What we and our previous clients can say about our services is that we proceed with great care towards your property and your health. We will provide you with the ultimate cleanliness at the best price. Give us a call and we will give you a personalized quote, covering your specific needs.

Steam Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning FAQ's

What is steam cleaning?

The steam cleaning process is cleaning that uses only steam to clean and sanitize surfaces, which is produced by heating water to a high temperature which allows the in-depth cleaning.

What can be cleaned with steam cleaning?

You can use steam to clean all kinds of upholstery, carpets, rugs, curtains. It is suitable for those home items as they have lots of layers, and the steam can reach deep into the fibres and disinfect them.

Do you use chemicals while cleaning with steam?

No, the system uses only heated water, that’s why it is the healthiest way of cleaning. Not only does it clean your furniture, but it also contributes to one better quality of the air indoors, it also kills any airborne bacteria and particles.

How often should I have my house steam cleaned?

We advise that you have your house steam cleaned at least every two months. That way, you can ensure that your home is dust and germ-free.

Can I do it myself?

There are lots of small steam cleaners on the market, but they are not powerful enough as our industrial steam cleaners. Most of the ones sold in the shops will only leave wet spots on your upholstery, rather than deep cleaning it.

How long would it take you to steam clean my home?

That is strictly individual as every home, and the furniture in it is different in size and material, but in the worst case, it won’t take more than 5 hours.

What if you damage my upholstery while you steam clean it?

We always proceed with caution, but in the unlikely event of this happening, we will have it repaired or compensate you.

Are you able to remove stains and spots with steam cleaning?

We always do our best when dealing with stubborn stains and 99% of the time we succeed. However, some stains have been left uncleaned for longer, and their removing becomes a little harder or even impossible. In other words, if we can’t remove them, no one can.